The Use of Youtube in Essay Writing

January 26, 2010

As of the present, Youtube is considered as one of the most active and busiest online community which has a broad number of members that come from different places and races around the globe. More so, it is also defined as the most interactive way of sharing the ideas of people, more especially in expressing their thoughts and standpoint with regard to a certain subject or issue. In a sense, the use of Youtube is helpful in essay writing, more especially in writing movie reviews and other papers that require for a particular video.

Apart from getting references from numerous essays online, Youtube could also be utilized in gathering information and ideas. With the fact that it has more than a thousand videos of different sorts and topics, most essay writers could utilize Youtube in doing comprehensive research, especially in catching replayed telecast of news and other narratives of most critical issues. Given that most essays rely on evidences and sources in order to justify its quality as well as its credibility, getting a sensible video footage through Youtube is indeed a good idea in writing sound a argument and evidence based paper. Likewise, video documentary is a good way gathering visual feeds that would help improve the impartiality of theĀ  essay.